Resources for the Stressed-Out

Bird on frozen bird bath with seedsWell?

Did you survive the holidays?

Are you more or less stressed out than you were three months ago?

I hope you’ve had some time off, as I have, to recharge.

But just in case you’re entering the new year in need of some “unlaxing,” I want to share with you a roundup of websites full of stress-busting resources, including one especially for caregivers.

If you’re responsible for taking care of someone, that responsibility can take a toll on your well-being even if you’re not aware of it. Read More

Tips for Quick Stress Relief

Dog drinking though a strawThis week I’m excited to share one of the most thorough and practical articles I’ve seen on stress and how to deal with it.

I had never heard of using your senses to fight stress, but it makes sense. That’s just one of a panoply of ideas presented in the article.

Most of my stress comes from my own thoughts, rather than what’s happening in the present moment.

I learned from this article that focusing on specific sensory stimuli, like petting a dog or cat, or tasting something wonderful, is an effective way to combat stress. Read More