Resources for the Stressed-Out

Bird on frozen bird bath with seedsWell?

Did you survive the holidays?

Are you more or less stressed out than you were three months ago?

I hope you’ve had some time off, as I have, to recharge.

But just in case you’re entering the new year in need of some “unlaxing,” I want to share with you a roundup of websites full of stress-busting resources, including one especially for caregivers.

If you’re responsible for taking care of someone, that responsibility can take a toll on your well-being even if you’re not aware of it. Check out the “Caregiver Stress” link in the article below for tips, tools and information to support you.

Whether it’s workplace issues, relationship trouble or academic stress, for adults, adolescents or children, you’ll find something of interest at the following link:

Top 10 Websites for Help with Stress

PS. Unfortunately I managed to stress Mike out with my driving this season. He actually compared riding in the car with me to being on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Hmph!

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