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If you’are a member of my online school for parents, the Reconnection Club, you’re entitled to twice-monthly office hours with me. These are open to all Club members, and the time is shared equally among callers with questions.

Reconnection Club members can also submit Office Hours questions by posting in the forums. I’m in the forums regularly, posting replies. You may also hear from other members who have something to contribute.

For your convenience, I also offer short-term consultation (1-5 sessions) by distance to people who are familiar with my work and wish to speak with me privately.

These consultations are not psychotherapy, and don’t replace in-person psychotherapy with a local professional.

Instead, they’re conversations geared to helping you navigate questions about parent-adult child estrangement and the normative transition from estrangement to reconciliation, exploring such topics as

  • separation/individuation
  • family dynamics
  • lifelong parenting
  • one-parent estrangement
  • contact issues

Readers of Constructive Wallowing or my other articles or blog posts, are also invited to schedule.

To arrange a 1-on-1 telephone or video meeting, please use my online scheduling system below.

For general questions (i.e., not in reference to personal circumstances) about my publications or services, please use my Contact page.


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