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Being Generous Drives Business Success (Unless You’re a Woman)

Over the years, books like Adam Grant’s Give and Take have popularized the idea that you can get ahead in business by putting other people first.  According to this wisdom, rather than looking out for Number One all the time, success-seekers should give their time and attention to others while expecting nothing in return. This … Read more


Your Life Purpose Might Have Nothing to Do With Service

This post was inspired by this recent video from Marie Forleo, whom I appreciate and admire. It touches on the concepts of life purpose, service, and meaning. A fan had written to Marie to ask how she could make sure her personal fulfillment didn’t decrease when she left her service profession and switched to art. The fan was worried that her … Read more


A Simple Strategy to Make Every Day Productive

If you’re like me, you have some days when you’re the queen of your life and get forty-three things done before lunch … and others where changing out of your pajamas is the day’s biggest achievement. This is one of the many reasons I love listening to business-oriented podcasts. You can pick up gems of … Read more


Try This New Spin on Goal-Setting

Recently I listened to an interview with Chalene Johnson, who introduced me to a new idea for goal-setting. At first I was skeptical, but when I actually went through Chalene’s steps, it worked! Here’s what she suggested: 1. Set 10 goals. WHAT? TEN goals? That’s too many, isn’t it? Trust Chalene. Write down 10 goals … Read more


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