Read This ONLY If You’re Easily Embarrassed

Embarrassing moments can strike at any time. For example, many years ago, my brother and his girlfriend were enjoying lunch at one of those sushi places where the dishes come around on a conveyor belt. Whenever you’re ready for your next bite, boom! there’s fresh food floating by right in front of you. You just … Read more


Forget the Past? Bad Idea!

As a therapist, I sit with many people who’d like to forget the past, along with its most piercing injuries and disappointments, but they can’t. The past won’t let go of them. Others have already forgotten huge chunks of their personal history, but they still feel stuck in it somehow, as if the past were … Read more


How to Recognize When You’re Being Passive-Aggressive

Who among us can honestly say they’ve never behaved in a passive-aggressive way? When I’m not being assertive, passive-aggression is my go-to. I figure it’s better than outright aggression, and I don’t seem to be wired for passivity, so sometimes it feels like the best option. There are hundreds — maybe thousands — of subtle … Read more


Can Reconnection Cure Boredom?

I’m not often bored these days, but I certainly have been bored before. I don’t like it. Not one bit. I’m curious about boredom. I want to know what causes it and why some people seem to experience boredom constantly, while others rarely or never do. Boredom feels bad, but it seems different from other … Read more


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