Never Waste a Day Again

Rest is never a waste!I was sitting with a client the other day who’s having a hard time getting unstuck after a series of challenges in her life. She feels like she’s just going through the motions and spinning her wheels.

It’s extra difficult for her to feel that way because she’s been a workhorse her whole life. She’s the hero in her family, and everyone relies on her for emotional and material support.

Nowadays, all she wants to do is stay in bed. Read More

Go With the Flow of an Unproductive Day

Bad day!

Recently I had one of those days when nothing went smoothly.

The chores I’d planned to do before going to the office were thwarted by unexpected circumstances. Clients didn’t show for appointments. I found myself aimlessly checking for emails that never came. I couldn’t get behind anything on my To-Do List to salvage some productivity out of the day. All in all, the day was a complete dud.

At some point I realized that I was having a frustrating, unproductive, boring, wasted day. Read More

10 Steps to the Perfect “To Do” List

Having never been detail-oriented, let alone organizationally gifted, I’ve always had a hard time following to-do lists. Still, I have things I want to accomplish, so I’ve made lists all my life. Usually they collect on my desk with other scraps of paper until I throw them out, either accidentally or on purpose.

But this year, something shifted for me. I changed the way I make my to-do list and found that I actually started using it. Read More