Are You Struggling to Be Happy?

Frustrated businessman-fdpHappiness feels so much better when it’s spontaneous, doesn’t it?

You’re walking in the woods with your dog, or letting your hair down with your favorite friends, and suddenly you realize that in this moment, life is good. You feel happy!

But those moments aren’t really within your control. Happiness happens when it happens. IF it happens.

In a way, we can’t help trying to be happy. We’re programmed to strive for it.

It’s the reason we do so many of the things we do, from getting a haircut to getting married to getting back into school later in life. Read More

What Does “Be Yourself” Mean?

Woman wearing maskGot a job interview? Going on a first date? Meeting the in-laws?

Just be yourself!

What does that actually mean, though? Since you can’t be anyone else, this advice doesn’t seem to make sense.

It’s like saying, “Just have skin!”

Obviously the idea is to cultivate relaxation and confidence.

We can train ourselves to physically relax, but we can’t choose not to be nervous, and we can’t just decide to feel proud and happy with ourselves. Read More

Self-Acceptance: Don’t Make This Mistake

Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m all about self-acceptance.

Not just me accepting myself, but you accepting yourself and everyone in the world accepting themselves with love and compassion.

So it might come as a surprise when I suggest there could be any “don’ts” with such an empowering idea.

The problem isn’t with the idea itself, but rather how it’s sometimes implemented.

Have you seen the following scenario, either in yourself, or with someone else? Read More