How to Recognize When You’re Being Passive-Aggressive

2 woman at oddsWho among us can honestly say they’ve never behaved in a passive-aggressive way?

When I’m not being assertive, passive-aggression is my go-to. I figure it’s better than outright aggression, and I don’t seem to be wired for passivity, so sometimes it feels like the best option.

There are hundreds — maybe thousands — of subtle ways to avoid being assertive.

This week’s article, in which I happen to be quoted, is a survey of just a few of the twisted moves we make to get around saying what we mean. Read More

Left Out? 3 Survival Strategies for the Fifth Wheel

woman alone at partyHave you ever been with two other people and felt like the odd one out?

Did it seem like nobody would notice or care if you weren’t there?

In that case you know what it’s like to be the fifth wheel.


Don’t I mean the third wheel?

Not unless you experienced yourself as a stabilizing influence!

Joining two people on a date doesn’t make you a third wheel; it just makes you a third person. Read More

Self-Esteem Means How Much You Like… Others?

two people touching nosesI am most generous when I feel a sense of abundance.

I’m at my kindest when I have compassion for myself.

When I feel good about who I am, I radiate love toward other people.

But when I feel bad about myself, when I let myself down, I have less to give. So I give less.

The Mirror Effect of Self-Esteem

While self-esteem doesn’t change overnight the way moods do, I believe there’s a similar mirror effect between self-esteem and esteem for other people. Read More

It Never Hurts to Ask

shiny new (used) cowboy boots
The Boots

While shopping at a trendy second-hand store last month I spied a nifty pair of burgundy cowboy boots that looked about my size.

I wasn’t in the market for boots that day, but these were pretty and I couldn’t resist trying them on.

They fit perfectly!

There was a price tag inside each boot. It was a little yellow one like you might see at a grocery store. Or maybe the Salvation Army? It said $25. Read More