Want to Be Productive? Get Lazy

dog partied out

When it comes to getting things done in life, I find that rest is at least as important as activity.

For example, sometimes I don’t feel like writing a blog post. Other times, I write two or three in a single sitting.

When I’m resting, I do nothing. When I’ve rested well, I can do twice as much. See? It all evens out.

There’s no doubt in my mind that there are seasons in this life, and I’m not talking about summer and winter. Read More

Multitasking vs. Unitasking: No Contest

Busy guy with six armsWhenever the topic of multitasking is raised, so are my antennae.

I’m tragically aware of my inability to “unitask,” and like Pinnochio who wanted to be a real boy, I long to be something I’m not. In my case, I want to be present. Focused.

I want to be able to do just one thing at a time, and I’ll tell you why… Oh, there’s a YouTube video on how to peel garlic in 10 seconds! Read More

Procrastination Can Be Productive

man sleeping on park bench with laptopProcrastination can be productive, especially for creative types.

Often when I talk with people who are down on themselves about not moving forward, it turns out there’s something that’s not yet in place — something they need before they can take the next step.

Maybe it’s a decision that needs to be made, or information that’s not yet available. Maybe there’s something inside them saying, “Stop! What are you doing? You’re going the wrong way!!!”

These things take time to process. Read More