Conversations With Your Ex

woman writing in notebook-fdpAre you hurting from a breakup? Experiencing relationship trouble? Sad or angry about something that happened long ago, or full of regret because you feel you hurt someone?

You might be able to heal a little bit faster using a technique developed by my friend Jody, who agreed to let me use her name in this post.

Write to Heal

After Jody read “Conversations with God,” she got creative and started writing down conversations with people — or rather, with the souls of people —  she needed to resolve things with. Read More

Why We NEED to Sweat the Small Stuff

Hand being bandagedEveryone has emotional pain.

No one is immune to the slings and arrows of life on this earth, and most of us have unhealed hurts from our time here.

We think we can let go of the pain of things that happen to us, but it’s not that easy. We didn’t choose the pain in the first place; what makes us think we can choose not to have it?

Nature’s Way of Getting Over It

When you cut your skin, your body sends resources to the site of the injury. Read More

Reactions to Pain

This is a guest post by Isabel Spradlin, LMT.

Remember the last time you stubbed your toe really hard?  What was your first reaction?  If you were me at that moment, you woofed out some air and then bent over, not breathing, trying to wait out the blinding surge of pain.

If you were me, you used that moment of breathlessness to blame yourself or whatever was around you.  You spent some quality time of that breathlessness wondering how bad the toe was broken and whether there was blood.  Read More