Feeling Defensive

I’ve become aware of a subtle but persistent defensiveness inside me.

It’s not like the protesting defensiveness when I’m attacked for my opinion or my personal hygiene. It’s not that loud or obvious.

It’s less relational, more personal. Like a constant whisper inside that perhaps only I can hear.

Now that I’m aware of it — not that I always am, because it comes and goes silently, like a nocturnal predator — I can just barely describe it. Read More

How to Feel Whole

What’s so great about feeling whole? Everything!

When you’re a whole person, you’re empowered. You’ve got access to all your resources, especially motivation, interest and energy. You can accomplish what you set out to do.

More importantly, being whole means you’re ready to live the life that’s meant for you.

Wholeness is your passport to your destiny.

The Whole Truth

Relationships, work and all kinds of projects are easier when you feel whole. You bring your highest self to every area of your life. Read More

The Truth About Anxiety, Part 1

I’m on an email list consisting of hundreds of counselors. We write to each other with referral requests, and recently someone sent out an email to the list looking for a counselor to work with a young woman with “clinical levels” of anxiety (read: significant).

The young woman’s family was described as not being committed to her treatment. Their support for her was politely referred to as “intermittent,” which was illustrated in the email as, “we support you getting help today, next week we might not.” Read More