Is Depression Hiding Your Career Path?

“I’m not really passionate about anything.”

I hear this from my career counseling clients regularly, which doesn’t surprise me since most people I see are at least mildly depressed.

Depression doesn’t “do” passion. You could even say that depression and passion are mortal enemies. They can’t stand to be in the same room together.

Depression — even the common, mild “blahs” — chases passion away.

If you don’t feel passionate about anything, it’s not because you have no talents or interests! Read More

Are You Struggling to Be Happy?

Frustrated businessman-fdpHappiness feels so much better when it’s spontaneous, doesn’t it?

You’re walking in the woods with your dog, or letting your hair down with your favorite friends, and suddenly you realize that in this moment, life is good. You feel happy!

But those moments aren’t really within your control. Happiness happens when it happens. IF it happens.

In a way, we can’t help trying to be happy. We’re programmed to strive for it.

It’s the reason we do so many of the things we do, from getting a haircut to getting married to getting back into school later in life. Read More

Tips for Quick Stress Relief

Dog drinking though a strawThis week I’m excited to share one of the most thorough and practical articles I’ve seen on stress and how to deal with it.

I had never heard of using your senses to fight stress, but it makes sense. That’s just one of a panoply of ideas presented in the article.

Most of my stress comes from my own thoughts, rather than what’s happening in the present moment.

I learned from this article that focusing on specific sensory stimuli, like petting a dog or cat, or tasting something wonderful, is an effective way to combat stress. Read More

How to Deal With Anger

anger in the officeAnger has never hurt anyone.

You read that right: Anger has never hurt anyone. “But what about homicide? Domestic violence? Bar fights?” you ask. “Those are the results of anger, and people definitely do get hurt.”

People are hurt by physical aggression, not by anger.

Aggression is a behavior, and it can definitely hurt people. But anger itself is only a feeling, and like any other feeling, it’s harmless in and of itself.

However, there are people who don’t know what to do with their angry feelings. Read More