Find Your Passion and a New Career Path, Part 2

happy chefLast week in Part 1 of Find Your Passion and a New Career Path, I explained that unless depression is obscuring your career bliss, your passion may be hiding behind a bunch of “shoulds” left over from childhood.

I promised specific ways for you to get your heart back, and here they are.

Hold these loosely. Just try them and see what happens.

Listen to Your Heart

1. Dare to Dream About Your Dream Job

Imagine doing something you think you could never make money doing. Read More

Find Your Passion and a New Career Path

craftswoman celebratingLast week I suggested that if you’re not passionate about anything in particular, you might be depressed.

(See last week’s post, Is Depression Hiding Your Career Path?)

If you’re not depressed, or if it feels like that’s not the whole story, we might be looking at another culprit.

Bear with me while I set the scene…

When you were a kid (yes, we’re going back there again), your parents, other caregivers and teachers were careful to provide you with the tools you would need to get by in the world as an adult. Read More