Just Freaking ASK

asking for somethingI’ve written before about how it never hurts to ask for what you want, but…

Since Elizabeth Gilbert is a far better writer than I am, I thought I’d share with you a short article of hers that inspired me this week.

It was a timely read for me, because just the other day someone suggested I expand my work into an intriguing new arena.

My response was hesitant — not because I didn’t want to do it, but because I couldn’t imagine who would hire me. Read More

Still Waiting For That Gold Star?

On your day off, do you feel guilty if you lie in bed all morning?

Do you get up early even when you don’t have to be anywhere, just to avoid feeling lazy?

Do you make yourself do things that aren’t necessary and that don’t affect anyone else, because they’re “the right thing to do”?

If so, you may still be waiting for an imaginary gold star.

As shocking and dismaying as it may seem, there is no gold star for policing your behavior. Read More

The More You Want Something, The More Elusive It Becomes

go with the flow for best resultsIt happened again.

I was standing on a corner waiting to cross a busy street.

I was in no hurry, lost in thought.

Just enjoying a pleasant walk in the neighborhood.

Before I realized what was happening, an approaching car had stopped to let me cross. There are four lanes, two each way, and all the other cars instantly followed suit.

Instead of having to wait for a natural break in traffic, I found myself hurrying across four lanes full of idling cars that had stopped for me without being prompted. Read More

What’s Your Philosophy of Life?

Life is short but can be meaningfulLife is like a box of chocolates. Or is it?

Last week I wrote about what you have in common with others, by demonstrating how normal you are compared to me. At the very least, I showed that if you hate sunshine, don’t care to own property, or hope never to retire, you’re not alone.

This week I want to focus on difference — specifically, differences between your philosophy of life, and someone else’s.

Do you see life as being like a box of chocolates, or a box of hammers? Read More