Breaking the Cycle of Invisibility

ID-10058763In last week’s post (Are You Easy to Ignore?) I talked about how childhood experiences can make us feel invisible.

If you’re used to feeling like others aren’t interested in you, you might be frustrated. I  hope you’re also wondering what’s really going on, and how you might be able to change it.

I fear there’s something in you that suspects you know the answer, and it ain’t pretty. Could it be true that you’re just not that interesting? Read More

Are You Easy to Ignore?

ID-100103711Here’s an interesting stat for you: One hundred percent of adults I see in therapy who feel invisible, have felt that way since childhood.

What about you? Do you ever feel invisible?

By invisible I mean emotionally and socially blending in with the furniture.

Do you ever feel as though nothing would be different in a given setting if you weren’t physically there? Like you don’t have much of an impact on people around you?

This could even happen in important relationships. Read More