10 Simple Ways to Feel Good Today

1. Believe in your feelings. If you don’t think your own feelings are valid, why should other people?

2. Speak your truth, if only to yourself. Honesty begins at home; don’t hide knowledge from yourself.  When you do this, you lose self-respect and self-esteem.

3. Make the most of a sunny day if you wish, but when it’s cold or cloudy, feel free to hide under a blanket. Nature governs the seasons of our lives just as it governs the weather. Read More

WARNING: Positive Thinking May Be Harmful to Your Health

Jar of "positivity pills"Are the Feelings Police controlling your mind? You know who they are; whenever you start to feel blue, they show up with their heavy belts and authoritarian attitudes and shout, “Hey, you! Turn that frown upside-down!”

It’s a relentless fact of life in these United States of Happiness: Must. Be. Happy. All the time. Most Americans get to take three whole days off work if an immediate family member dies, but that’s it. Then you need to figure out how to be happy again as  soon as possible. Read More