Are You Struggling to Be Happy?

Frustrated businessman-fdpHappiness feels so much better when it’s spontaneous, doesn’t it?

You’re walking in the woods with your dog, or letting your hair down with your favorite friends, and suddenly you realize that in this moment, life is good. You feel happy!

But those moments aren’t really within your control. Happiness happens when it happens. IF it happens.

In a way, we can’t help trying to be happy. We’re programmed to strive for it.

It’s the reason we do so many of the things we do, from getting a haircut to getting married to getting back into school later in life. Read More

6 Ways to Feel Better Now

Welcome to 2013!Regardless of whether you made resolutions for 2013…

Here are 6 simple ways you can improve your life today, this year, and for the rest of your life.

1. Clear clutter for more energy

Start cleaning out clutter today. Clutter clogs your engines in insidious ways.

You know how the less fit you feel, the less you feel like exercising?
Well, the more “stuff” you accumulate at home or in the office, the less
motivation you’ll have to move toward your goals. Read More

How to Feel Whole

What’s so great about feeling whole? Everything!

When you’re a whole person, you’re empowered. You’ve got access to all your resources, especially motivation, interest and energy. You can accomplish what you set out to do.

More importantly, being whole means you’re ready to live the life that’s meant for you.

Wholeness is your passport to your destiny.

The Whole Truth

Relationships, work and all kinds of projects are easier when you feel whole. You bring your highest self to every area of your life. Read More

The Self-Compassion Cure

Heart in handSelf-compassion might not help you find a job, but it reminds you of your value while you search.

Self-compassion might not erase the regrettable thing you said or did, but it allows you to forgive yourself.

Self-compassion might not bring back a lost love, but it nurtures you while you grieve.

Self-compassion might not protect you from rejection by others, but it prevents you from abandoning yourself.

Self-compassion might not help you buy or sell a house, but it will build you a comfortable home in your own heart. Read More