Is Depression Hiding Your Career Path?

“I’m not really passionate about anything.”

I hear this from my career counseling clients regularly, which doesn’t surprise me since most people I see are at least mildly depressed.

Depression doesn’t “do” passion. You could even say that depression and passion are mortal enemies. They can’t stand to be in the same room together.

Depression — even the common, mild “blahs” — chases passion away.

If you don’t feel passionate about anything, it’s not because you have no talents or interests! Read More

Which Career is Right for You?

Confused young womanIf you have a feeling there’s something special you’re supposed to do in this lifetime, that’s your heart calling to you. It’s saying, “Give your gifts to the world!”

What if your heart has been calling to you, but you can’t figure out what it’s saying?

Finding your true calling is both easier and harder than you might think.

It’s totally easy because it’s right there under your nose, and has been all along. Certain things come easily for you, and you find yourself drawn to them. Read More