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Are You Playing By Rules That Don’t Exist?

rulesPlaying by the rules is something good people like to do. But sometimes those rules we play by? Um, they don’t exist.

So this week I thought I’d list a few of the “rules” that conscientious people seem to live by, and pose the question:

Are these really rules? Or are they just fixed ideas that limit us unnecessarily?

Career “Rules”:

  • You can’t go into business unless you know accounting (or  write up a business plan, or have investors, etc.)
  • You can’t call yourself an expert unless you have credentials on paper
  • You can’t be self-employed unless you enjoy self-promotion

Relationship “Rules”:

  • You can’t honestly validate someone’s feelings if you don’t agree with them
  • You have to say Yes to a friend’s invitation unless you’re legitimately busy
  • You can’t be angry or disappointed unless you’re prepared to do something about it

Are you playing by any of these rules? Read More