Making Sense of “Irrational” Anger

It’s always exciting to come across an article I wish I’d written myself. This week’s post from Leon F. Seltzer, Ph.D. is one of those gems.

Emotions — anger and every other one I know of — always make sense. Even when you’re the one having the feeling and even YOU don’t know why!

There’s always a reason for the way you feel. And no, it’s not that you’re being irrational or making a big deal about nothing. Read More

A Surprising Risk Factor for Depression

Happy family with little girl
It seemed like a good idea at the time.

The results are in, and they’re sobering: 100% of all people who suffer from depression were once children.

Yes, childhood is the #1 risk factor for depression. Having been a child accounts for more depression than job loss, divorce, prison time and the loss of a loved one combined.

Until now, depression — especially of the mild to moderate variety — was considered mysterious. It was often attributed to unexplained chemical imbalances in the brain. Read More

“Stop Crying, Or I’ll Give You Something to Cry About”

loving dad
This dad looks like he’s saying, “It’s OK. I’m here with you.”

Did you ever hear these words when you were a kid? Have you said them yourself?

If you were told, “Stop crying, or I’ll give you something to cry about,” here’s what you learned:

1. The world is a dangerous place.

If Mommy or Daddy or Grandma or the babysitter threatens to make you cry, what might a stranger do?

Trust is necessary for healthy relationships. Read More

Reconnect with Your Authentic Self

Heart with keyIf you’ve read any of my other posts categorized under “Constructive Wallowing,” you’ll know how happy and excited I was to read the following post by Tim McAuley.

(It was reblogged by Mary Rogers on her blog, Bipolar Lessons, which is how I came across it.)

In this post, Tim takes on two pieces of common self-help wisdom, “You just have to be positive” and “Just fake it till you make it.”

Tim writes, “Before you can cultivate a positive mindset you must first honor where you are and the journey that brought you here.” Read More