Grow Your Child’s (or Your Own) Emotional Intelligence

baby with glasses, looking cleverEveryone pretty much agrees on the importance of emotional literacy, at least in theory.

As a society, we want children to learn how to deal with difficult feelings, both their own and others’.

But how exactly do we teach them that? Especially if we ourselves aren’t sure we’ve got a handle on our own emotions?

Emotional intelligence can easily be developed in children because most kids are naturally emotionally intelligent. At least, they’ve got the basics down; kids know an emotion when they feel one, and they’re not ashamed of their own humanity. Read More

What’s So Bad About Feeling Sad?

sad kittyEvery now and then, as you know if you’ve been hanging out here with me for a while, I come across an article that I wish I’d written myself.

That’s doubly true for this well-written, spot-on post by Leanne Reed, who happens to be a therapist in Portland, Oregon just like me.

I’m impressed by the clarity of Leanne’s writing, and I hope you will be, too.

So without further ado, I give you…

What’s So Bad About Feeling Sad? Read More

Emotional Regulation Is Nonsense

Every time I hear the term “emotional regulation” (or “emotion regulation”) I throw a tiny fit inside my head. And since it crops up often in my field, I’m throwing little fits all the time.

(If you ask me what time it is, and I stare blankly at you, it’s because I’m having one of these fits. Give me a moment and then try again.)

I don’t mind telling you I hate that phrase. I spit on it. Read More