The Surprising Upside to Wallowing in Despair

Despair figure with happy silhouetteWho is there among us who hasn’t felt the chill of despair at one time or another?

With the cold, gray winter enveloping so many of us, I thought this might be a good time to review some emotional survival tips, and underline the happy truth that wallowing in despair can bring rich rewards.

There is such a thing as severe depression. That’s what medication is for, and it can literally be a life-saver.

But for the millions suffering from losses in the past or the present while still going about their business, working through those sad, bad feelings with constructive wallowing can lift the dark veil and bring new life, just in time for spring. Read More

Make the Most of Being Down in the Dumps

In an earlier post this year, Is Depression Hiding Your Career Path? I suggested that your passion, if you’ve lost it, might be hiding behind depression. We looked at a long list of symptoms. How many applied to you?

I think mild depression is a silent epidemic, like not-washing your hands after using the toilet, or reusing single-use makeup remover cloths. But worse.

How do you get past mild depression? In short, with self-compassion and truth. Read More

Sometimes We Just Need Someone to Talk to

Lovely article by a fellow therapist this week, who writes:

“What has tragically gotten lost […] is the core human need to talk to a wise, compassionate, other human being about our suffering.”

If it’s true that we’re not our brains, just popping a pill for depression won’t make the ache go away.

Click below to read Cynthia W. Lubow’s thoughtful article:

As Psychotherapy Evolves, Something Is Getting Left Behind.


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