Why You’re Attracted to the Wrong People

Last week, I was giving a presentation to other mental health professionals when the talk turned to unmet emotional needs.

This is the kind of thing we therapists tend to discuss when we get together. That, and reality TV shows. Or maybe that’s just me.

Unmet emotional needs are often unconscious, and they cause all sorts of havoc in our lives. Mostly they tend to control our behavior. Come to think of it, they may even lead to agreeing to be on TV… But I digress. Read More

Notes from a Book Tour

Dog in bookstore
Every bookstore needs a dog. This one resides at 32 Books in North Vancouver, BC

I was sharing a meal with a friend recently and she asked me how the book tour’s going for my newly-released book, Constructive Wallowing.

I told her about the travel, the bookstore signings and the radio and TV interviews, and she responded with an interesting question.

“Why haven’t I read about any of this on your blog?”

I was temporarily speechless. Read More