Listening Is the Cheapest Medicine

Psychotherapy has been called “The Talking Cure.”

It might be more accurate to call it “The Listening Cure.”

Being listened to is healing, because it’s a way to be understood.

And being understood is like a tall, cool drink on a hot summer day.

Marriage & family therapist Cynthia Lubox speaks eloquently about the power of being listened to in this article:

When Someone Really Listens, We Heal

The key word in the title above is “Really.” Read More

When You Say the Wrong Thing

The minute it’s out of your mouth you wish you could take it back.

But words are like toothpaste squeezed out of the tube.

Once it’s out, it’s out.

Sometimes, when the stakes are low, you end up with just a slightly awkward or even humorous interaction rather than a damaging one.

Never Assume

When Mike and I were first living together, I found myself being uncharacteristically careful to wash dishes promptly and put them away after Mike had cleaned the kitchen. Read More

It Never Hurts to Ask

shiny new (used) cowboy boots
The Boots

While shopping at a trendy second-hand store last month I spied a nifty pair of burgundy cowboy boots that looked about my size.

I wasn’t in the market for boots that day, but these were pretty and I couldn’t resist trying them on.

They fit perfectly!

There was a price tag inside each boot. It was a little yellow one like you might see at a grocery store. Or maybe the Salvation Army? It said $25. Read More

“You Hurt My Feelings”

After last week’s post (Are Those Hurt Feelings Justified?) I received the following question in a comment from Anya:

“Now that you’ve validated the other person’s hurt feelings, what do you do with your own hurt feelings? Especially if you still feel on some level that you were unfairly attacked, singled out, or judged? Is this a point where you just have to let it go?”

I’ve heard the question before, and it’s a good one, so I thought I’d address it in this week’s post. Read More