Just Freaking ASK

asking for somethingI’ve written before about how it never hurts to ask for what you want, but…

Since Elizabeth Gilbert is a far better writer than I am, I thought I’d share with you a short article of hers that inspired me this week.

It was a timely read for me, because just the other day someone suggested I expand my work into an intriguing new arena.

My response was hesitant — not because I didn’t want to do it, but because I couldn’t imagine who would hire me. Read More

It Never Hurts to Ask

shiny new (used) cowboy boots
The Boots

While shopping at a trendy second-hand store last month I spied a nifty pair of burgundy cowboy boots that looked about my size.

I wasn’t in the market for boots that day, but these were pretty and I couldn’t resist trying them on.

They fit perfectly!

There was a price tag inside each boot. It was a little yellow one like you might see at a grocery store. Or maybe the Salvation Army? It said $25. Read More

What Is Healthy Entitlement?

fdpFor many people, “entitled” is a four-letter word (e.g., “Kids today are so entitled!“). But for all of us, entitlement is essential to healthy self-esteem.

To entitle someone is to give them a title, right or claim to something.

When someone is entitled, they’ve accepted (and will act on) a certain title, right or claim. But to what?

What is an entitled person entitled TO?

How Do You Know When to Speak Up?

Someone with too much entitlement feels s/he has a right to just about anything s/he wants.  Read More

Take Charge of Your Life

The problem is that we started out as children.

Overcoming that fact can take a lifetime.

Programmed for Powerlessness

Children have no power.

If you had a normal childhood, you didn’t get to choose how or where you spent your time.

You didn’t decide when to go to bed or even what to wear when you got there.

You were told to brush your teeth, eat your vegetables (or face the intolerable prospect of no dessert), and go to school. Read More