What’s Behind the Fear of Failure?

Fear of failure may be common, but its roots don’t always look the same in every case.

In a room full of people who identify as being afraid of failure, you’ll get to a roomful of different fears if you scratch the surface.

If you suffer with a fear of failure that holds you back, get a handle on what’s really going on.

Check out my recent post on the topic:

Fear of Failure? | Psychology Today

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Sometimes We Just Need Someone to Talk to

Lovely article by a fellow therapist this week, who writes:

“What has tragically gotten lost […] is the core human need to talk to a wise, compassionate, other human being about our suffering.”

If it’s true that we’re not our brains, just popping a pill for depression won’t make the ache go away.

Click below to read Cynthia W. Lubow’s thoughtful article:

As Psychotherapy Evolves, Something Is Getting Left Behind.


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What Does “Be Yourself” Mean?

Woman wearing maskGot a job interview? Going on a first date? Meeting the in-laws?

Just be yourself!

What does that actually mean, though? Since you can’t be anyone else, this advice doesn’t seem to make sense.

It’s like saying, “Just have skin!”

Obviously the idea is to cultivate relaxation and confidence.

We can train ourselves to physically relax, but we can’t choose not to be nervous, and we can’t just decide to feel proud and happy with ourselves. Read More

How to Soothe Yourself

Be there for yourselfHere’s a way to soothe anxiety that doesn’t alienate people, destroy your liver or stunt your emotional growth.

Whenever I’ve had a difficult conversation with someone important to me, or even an unpleasant interaction with a stranger,  I tend to feel a little queasy emotionally.

If I pay attention, I usually find I’m feeling anxious in some way about what happened. Did I say or do the wrong thing? Did I do damage? Should I have done x, y or z instead? Read More