The Self-Compassion Cure

Heart in handSelf-compassion might not help you find a job, but it reminds you of your value while you search.

Self-compassion might not erase the regrettable thing you said or did, but it allows you to forgive yourself.

Self-compassion might not bring back a lost love, but it nurtures you while you grieve.

Self-compassion might not protect you from rejection by others, but it prevents you from abandoning yourself.

Self-compassion might not help you buy or sell a house, but it will build you a comfortable home in your own heart. Read More

The positive power of negative affirmations

hiking trailI enjoy going on long hikes with my partner, Mike. We both love to exercise, and hiking gives us a chance to talk for hours about random things while enjoying Nature.

Towards the end of a long hike, or if the trail gets really steep in the middle and we get tired, one of us will say, “Let’s use our affirmation.” And together, we’ll slowly chant in time to our footsteps: “I CAN’T do it. It’s TOO HARD.” Read More