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Workplace Topics

Clean Communication: Ownership and Influence

Each of us has a preferred communication style that we learned when we were children. Most of the time we get along just fine, but when deadlines loom and stress is high, our go-to style may cause even higher stress and contribute to low productivity. Leaders, teams and project managers rely on clear, clean communication to meet their goals. Identify your go-to style (aggressive, passive, or passive-aggressive) and learn how to tweak it to gain ownership and influence.

Handling Negative Emotions for Managers

“Most managers admit that they simply do not know how to deal with negative emotions,” according to the author of this study on the cost of not acknowledging negative emotions at work. Learn how to effectively handle anger, fear and sadness to keep productivity and engagement high in your workforce.

Leaders: Your Feelings Are the Message

Managing difficult feelings is not optional for leaders. Out-of-control feelings lead to mixed messages and nervous teams, affecting innovation, productivity and attitudes toward change. This presentation introduces constructive wallowing, a mindfulness-based tool used to defuse strong emotions before you speak, type, or attend a meeting.


Life & Family Issues

The Silent Epidemic: Family Estrangement

Family estrangement is everywhere. Chances are you know someone who’s cut off or limited contact with a parent, an adult child, a sibling or other relative. What’s going on? And more importantly, what can be done about it? This program provides information, compassion and hope for everyone affected by this painful societal problem.

Protecting and Enhancing Kids’ Self-Esteem

Self-esteem has a bad rap, and for good reason: It’s been defined for decades as “thinking everything you do is great.” Real self-esteem is humble. Children simply need to have  confidence in their worth as people, even when they mess up. It’s all too easy to accidentally injure a child’s self-esteem. A few simple techniques can make each interaction with you a source of healthy growth for kids. This interactive program involves practice in reflective listening. It offers pointers on the appropriate use of praise, dealing with shame, and other common issues that arise when working with kids.

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Tina has found a way to present a very serious subject by introducing humor and interactivity which both engages and relaxes the audience. She is an excellent speaker and has full command of her subject. Our members were moved by her examples and appreciated the take-away exercises she taught them.

– Lynn Wells, Co-Executive Director, Academy for Lifelong Learning

She skillfully delivered her keynote with humor and relevance. As a result, she is one of the most highly rated speakers we’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I highly recommend Tina for your next event..

– Tiffany Dahlberg, Speaker Lead, PMI Mile Hi Chapter

Our training focusing on emotional intelligence and how to best help youth deal with their emotions was extremely beneficial and well organized. I loved that it was not power point or hand out heavy, and that Tina utilized relatable stories and quotes from her past that kept the topics engaging.

– Sarah  Butler, Health Specialist, Boys and Girls Clubs of  Metro Denver

There were solid tools that we could take away to put our mission of building self esteem into practice. She was a kind and encouraging facilitator, thank you Tina!

– Molly Gray, Volunteer Coordinator, Rock N Roll Camp For Girls



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