Why You DON’T Need to Stay Positive

My old doctor’s office handed out a brochure called 7 Tips for Healthy Living. One of those tips was “Keep a positive mental outlook.” I like that they linked physical and emotional health, but I’m not sure they got the details quite right. We’ve all heard of people who bring joy to everyone around them with their sunny … Read more


Fat On the Inside

No one has ever called me fat. A boy named Howard called me “bean pole” and “Mother Goose legs” in the 5th grade. I was skinny and my legs were long, in case the Mother Goose reference confused you. (It still confuses me. I thought Mother Goose was an old woman who was not particularly … Read more


Facing a Scary Diagnosis

“You have cancer.” Nobody wants to hear those words, but this year over 1.5 million people in the U.S. will become members of a club none of us wants to join. Being diagnosed with cancer, Parkinson’s, ALS, or any other dreaded condition can knock you to your knees. The emotional impact can’t be overstated. Kenya … Read more


8 Ways to Treat Yourself Right

Have you ever thought of volunteering in order to feel happier? I’ve definitely heard this idea from clients who are feeling stuck and miserable. “I tried volunteering, but it didn’t make me feel better,” they tell me after the fact. This doesn’t surprise me. You can’t give water from a dry well. We all need … Read more


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