“Negative” Feelings and the Law of Attraction

woman looking through rainy windowOccasionally someone tells me with dread that they don’t want to feel depressed because the Law of Attraction will bring more bad things to them if they let themselves go down that path.

Now myself, I do believe in the attractive power of intention.

There’s nothing magical about it; when we think about things a certain way, we tend to behave in ways that match our beliefs.

Our behavior has consequences.

Example: If I’m sure no one likes me, I’m more likely to act in ways that are off-putting to others, e.g., trying too hard to be liked, or rejecting them before they can reject me.

Voila! I make myself less likable.

The Law of Attraction isn’t mysterious. It’s just common sense.

But what about when we experience “negative” feelings like anger or despair? Does that bring negative energy into our lives?

I think it depends on what we do with those feelings.

I explored this topic in the following post this week:

Negative Emotions Don’t Obey the Law of Attraction | Psychology Today

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  1. I agree with this 100%. I have struggled for a very long time with this concept, and have virtually gotten no where with trying to control my feelings and/or thoughts about things, and change them with positive affirmations, which only served to escalate my negative feeling I was trying to counteract. “you shouldn’t feel…(insert feeling)…” from someone would make me instantly infuriated. Now I also see that my counteracting attempt to change to positive feelings and thoughts has been because the “voice” I used to try to change them have been corrective, not acknowledging and validating the problematic inner malfunction.

    Tina, I love the link you gave because it gives lots of detail about the reason why having negative feelings is different from negative thoughts. And that intention is a great deal to do with it. I would think this article would make the stance on negative feelings being bad and need to be changed (controlled) hard to debunk.


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