As We Dream By the Fire

winter cabinNot all of my readers celebrate Christmas. For those who do, I wish you a bright and merry one!

For those who don’t celebrate the holiday, I wish you warmth, peace and friendship.

For both of you I’ve left a small present below. (Hint: I hope yule like it. I’m logging your reaction.)

You may or may not realize this, but I learn so much from you, everything I do feels like I’m simply returning the favor.

Along with my face-to-face clients and workshop participants, my online readers are my best teachers.

I hope to be able to say hello to more of you in person as I begin traveling to speak around the country next year. There’s still so much for me to learn, you see.


Please enjoy this fireplace video as a small token of the warmth in my heart for you.

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  1. Merry Christmas dear Tina and to all my friends that have helped me with my daughter. We are in full swing together. Best Xmas possible. We are in NYC enjoying the high temps compared to home. It’s lovely here with my hubby by my side.
    Happy joyful Holidays.

  2. What a lovely video to relax by – all warm and cosy now! Thanks Tina. That was a lovely gesture – Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays)! Hope you have a wonderful time, and a good New Year.
    All the best,
    Em Jay x

  3. Thank you all so much for your warmth and good wishes.

    FYI, if you hover over the bottom right corner of the video, you can select “Full Screen” mode to make the fireplace fill your computer screen. Then just hit “Esc” if you’re on a PC to get out of full screen mode. Not sure how to do that on a Mac. Anyone else know?

    Would love to get to North Carolina, Miss Maura; some mighty fine people live there!

  4. We have a working wood fireplace in our living room…but my husband tells me there are cracks in the bricks which line it and thus it’s not safe to have a fire of any kind in it! We’ve had those crackling logs for several years now and I was looking forward to lighting one today, Christmas. So instead I’ve got yours on full screen and am listening and relaxing and basking in your thoughtfulness! What a lovely gift. Season’s greetings to you and yours. Hope I get to meet you & hug you in person some day but for now sending cyber hugs. – Contented Miss Maura


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