Constructive Wallowing


Stop Worrying Right This Second

What are you worried most about right now? Finances? A relationship? Someone’s health? All of those are significant. Trouble with any is worrisome. But as we know, worrying is pointless. It can’t pay the bills, repair a relationship, or heal a disease.  But still, we worry. Focus on Feelings If you want to stop worrying, … Read more


Why We Need to Embrace Self-Pity

I love self-pity. It’s so necessary, because nobody knows how bad things can get for us sometimes like we do. The only problem I can see with self-pity is that we don’t do it enough! “But what about all those self-pitying types who go on and on about what a bum deal they’ve gotten?,” you … Read more


The Surprising Upside to Wallowing in Despair

Who is there among us who hasn’t felt the chill of despair at one time or another? With the cold, gray winter enveloping so many of us, I thought this might be a good time to review some emotional survival tips, and underline the happy truth that wallowing in despair can bring rich rewards. There … Read more


5 Ways to Feel (and Heal) Your Feelings

You’ve heard me say many times that the reason to let yourself feel bad is so that you can feel better sooner. So how exactly do you do that? It’s one thing to say, “Feel your feelings,” but what exactly does that look like? In essence, it means honoring your real feelings, and yourself, when … Read more


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