Make the Most of Being Down in the Dumps

In an earlier post this year, Is Depression Hiding Your Career Path? I suggested that your passion, if you’ve lost it, might be hiding behind depression. We looked at a long list of symptoms. How many applied to you?

I think mild depression is a silent epidemic, like not-washing your hands after using the toilet, or reusing single-use makeup remover cloths. But worse.

How do you get past mild depression? In short, with self-compassion and truth. Read More

Decision-Making Tip: Put First Things First

Making decisions is hard for many of us, and I’ve often heard that it’s because in order to pick one thing, you have to rule out all the other things you could do.

That’s true, of course. And it’s a bummer.

But there’s another factor that I’ve seen trip people up when it comes to making a decision.

(I’m sure it trips me up, too, but you know how it is. It’s easier to spot when it’s someone else.) Read More

6 Questions to Ask When You Don’t Reach Your Goals

why didn't I reach my goal?This week I taught a class on goal-setting.

Somebody raised a question that I hear so often, I was inspired to write about it today.

The question was this:

“What happens if I give myself a deadline to achieve my goal, and the deadline comes and goes, and I didn’t achieve it?”

When that happens, it’s time to dig in and find out what went wrong. NICELY.

Don’t brow-beat yourself; assume you did the best you could in the circumstances, and that whatever went wrong, did so for a reason. Read More

Stop Sabotaging Your Own Goals

Stop self-sabotageRecently, in a class I was teaching on goal-setting, someone raised the topic of self-sabotage. “Why do we do that to ourselves?” I asked the class. “Habit,” came the immediate reply from a participant.

“We don’t mean to do it, we just do it,” said someone else. They are so right! The question is, why on earth would we develop an uncontrollable habit of sabotaging ourselves? Don’t we want to accomplish our goals?

Maybe we do and maybe we don’t. Read More