Are You Playing By Rules That Don’t Exist?

rulesPlaying by the rules is something good people like to do. But sometimes those rules we play by? Um, they don’t exist.

So this week I thought I’d list a few of the “rules” that conscientious people seem to live by, and pose the question:

Are these really rules? Or are they just fixed ideas that limit us unnecessarily?

Career “Rules”:

  • You can’t go into business unless you know accounting (or  write up a business plan, or have investors, etc.)
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What the Bad Movers Taught Me

Mike and I had a really bad experience recently with a moving company.

In short, they broke our furniture and then insisted on making their own repairs, further damaging it to the point where it became junk.

The company’s owner offered no apology other than a belated and grudging, “I’m sorry it happened” (he obviously hadn’t read my post on how to apologize), and acted as if this debacle was happening to him rather than us. Read More