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Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness for Business Professionals… Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?


Mark was a top performer himself, but as a manager, he lacked confidence.

His direct reports constantly challenged his authority, creating friction on the team…

Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness Training

Leslie had no problem taking charge, but others complained about her aggressive style.

They also said her expectations were unclear. Morale in Leslie’s department was at an all-time low… 


Dante made promises he couldn’t keep because he didn’t know how to say No in a way that would support, rather than damage, the customer relationship… 

Assertiveness Training

Mark, Leslie and Dante are all perfect candidates for assertiveness training…

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Integrative Assertiveness Training

This interactive, customized training integrates adult learning theory and mental health principles with tried-and-true assertiveness training methods. It’s a brief, impactful “communication tune-up” aimed at providing practical skills quickly to busy professionals.

With a simple technique that can be implemented immediately, participants will be able to:

  • Handle complaints appropriately
  • Avoid unnecessary misunderstandings
  • Say “No” when they need to, and politely but firmly hold their ground
  • Communicate in a way that inspires respect, understanding, and cooperation

Employee Mental Health & Wellness

Offer this engaging training to your employees to address areas of concern… Or provide it as a life-enhancing employee wellness benefit. All participants, including already-skilled communicators, will gain practical tools for dealing with challenging situations calmly and professionally. Assertiveness Training

Get Started

This integrative assertiveness training, taught by trainer and psychotherapist Tina Gilbertson, gives managers an edge — turning good leaders & communicators into great ones.  Contact Tina today to discuss your training needs, or call 303-875-5020. Download a printable PDF one-sheet. See the Speaking page for some videos.