On the 12th Day of Therapy…

When my partner, Mike, first heard the Christmas carol The 12 Days of Christmas as a child, he thought the “partridge in a pear tree” was something about a “juniper tree.”

I’m impressed that he knew the word “juniper” before he ever heard of a partridge.

My own experience with The 12 Days of Christmas is that, as much as I respect holiday traditions, this is one that’s fun to monkey with. You can sing about “the 12 days of…” just about anything, making up lyrics to fit the theme.

I guess you wouldn’t want a word with more than 3 syllables or fewer than 2; The 12 Days of Salmon-Fishing probably isn’t going to sound good, and neither is The 12 Days of Golf.

Many more creative people have done it before me, but I couldn’t resist putting my own new spin on this sensational seasonal song.

Here are the lyrics for my rendition: The 12 Days of Psychotherapy

Let me know if you decide to go around singing this in your neighborhood. I want to see the video.

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