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Assertiveness Training

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Assertiveness Training

Offered to organizations and groups by request. Pricing based on location, customization and number of participants. Contact Tina to discuss your needs.

(The testimonials are from actual workshop participants.)

In this interactive half-day workshop you will learn how to ask for what you want and say no:
  • clearly
  • directly
  • firmly
  • politely, and
  • without apologizing for yourself

"I wanted to offer you my sincere gratitude for your help in the Assertiveness Workshop, it has really changed my life both personally and professionally."

Take the stress out of difficult conversations

You will learn a specific, simple, 3-step technique for stating your position and feeling confident about it. You'll learn how to become more proactive, and less reactive. You'll also get structured practice to make sure you know how to use what you've learned.

"The Assertiveness Workshop was helpful and I enjoyed learning a specific technique when asserting myself. The class was not only informative but interactive and this helped put the information into practice. I enjoyed asking questions and receiving answers from Tina and the participants. I would recommend the workshop to others."

You'll get to practice and experience:
  • asking for what you want
  • saying no when you need to
  • dealing with inconsiderate people
  • setting boundaries around your time and energy

"I appreciated the interactive exercises and appreciated how Tina created a very safe environment."

In addition to the structured exercises, you have the option of guided practice with a specific situation in your own life that calls for assertiveness either at home or at work.

"Workshop was fun and informative. Love your sense of humor and the opportunities to practice and apply the technique."

Less conflict, more self-respect

This class comes with a money-back satisfaction guarantee. If after participating in the entire 4-hour workshop you haven't gained practical, useful information that you can use immediately both at work and at home, your workshop fee will be promptly refunded...

"I found the workshop very useful. I've been working on applying the concepts I learned into my daily life and I'm already feeling the difference."

... but then again, if you're assertive enough to ask for your money back, you must have learned something! ;)

"I think it was perfect as is!  Thanks for the good info & very effective presentation.  I'm definitely setting the intention to use what I learned."

Contact Tina to schedule this class.

"The workshop was very well organized with a succinct format, and I found the technique to be enlightening. I look forward to integrating it into my life!"

This workshop is for you if you want: 

  • to increase your confidence in dealing with conflict
  • to communicate clearly
  • to avoid unpleasant exchanges in which you feel lost and/or powerless
  • to stop regretting how you handled a conversation after the fact
  • to initiate important discussions
  • to create a plan to address a specific situation
  • a simple tool you can use anywhere, with anyone
  • never to be treated like a doormat again

"I thought the workshop was very good, in that it simplified the problem and the technique for dealing with it. I don't see how you could have done it any better. Thanks!"

Are you an employer? Contact Tina today to discuss onsite and offsite training options.

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